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Patch Information:

1. If it is not already installed on your computer, install the Montana Forests Forever CD-ROM. You may choose the full or minimal install, whichever you prefer.

2. After you've completed the installation, you can download the patch file from this website by using "the net" button on the CD-ROM.

3. Click the "CD patch" file to open it.Click here to run patch program!

4. The prompt will give you an option to "save this program to disk" or to "run this program from its current location". Choose to run the program.

5. After the file has downloaded, the Win-Zip Self-Extractor will open. Click "OK" to the distribution warning - this does not apply to our downloads.

6. The folder name (c:\MontanaFF\media\dirs\) that appears in the box is correct. Choose the "unzip" option.

7. When it completed, a prompt box will read "1 files completed successfully". Close the download boxes and the internet browser. If you are not currently running the Montana Forests Forever CD-ROM, then you can click the "Montana CD" icon on your desktop to begin the program.

If you accessed this site from the CD-ROM, go to the "map" button on the CD-ROM, then go back to the Main Menu. This will update the files.