Forest Education Contact List

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Forestry Education Committee      
Extension Forestry Peter Kolb School of Forestry
Montana EM Learning Center Program Carolyn Durgin School of Forestry
Montana Logging Association Patrick Heffernan
Swan Ecosystem Center Diann Ericson Education
Timber Management Dan Castillo USDA FS R 1
Forest Discovery Days Dan Daly Louisana Pacific Corp
Other Forestry Education Groups      
Fire Works  Jane Smith RMRS Fire Sciences Lab
Flathead Economic Policy Center Carol Daly
Flathead Forestry Expo Dave Jones DNRC - Service Forestry
Forest Discovery Days Rick Franke Smurfit-Stone Container
Forest Discovery Days Tami Reschke Sabol Plum Creek Timber Co
Forest Health and Protection Blakey Lockman USDA FS R 1
Forest Health and Protection Nancy Sturdevandt USDA FS R 1
Missoula Conservation District Kathy McNaughton Education
Coram and Miller Creek Learning Sites Ray Shearer RMRS Forestry Sciences Lab
Conservation Education Coordinator Teresa Wenum Flathead NF
Coram Learning Site Communicator Jack Schmidt RMRS Forestry Sciences Lab  
Miller Creek Learning Site Communicator Ed Lieser Flathead NF Tally Lake RS
Ant Flat Learning Site Ed Monnig Flathead NF
Lubrecht/Bandy Ranch Learning Sites Hank Goetz Lubrecht Experimental Forest
Bandy Ranch Site Researcher Clayton Marlow College of Agriculture MSU
Pattee Canyon -Communicator Don Carroll Lolo National Forest
Pattee Canyon - Research  Hayley Hesseln School of Forestry
Lick Creek Rick Floch Bitterroot NF Darby RS
Lick Creek Research Mick Harrington RMRS Fire Sciences Lab
Swan Ecosystem Center Communicator Anne Dahl Education
Helena NF  USDA FS Amy Teegarden Public Affairs
Tenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest Ward McCaughey RMRS Forestry Sciences Lab
School of Forestry Bob Pfister University of Montana
Region 1 USDA FS Gloria Weisgerber Public & Government Relations
BEMRP Greg Jones RMRS Forestry Sciences Lab
Public Terry Beaver Helena HS
Public Don Kiehn Lynn Dixon Browning HS & Glacier NP
DNRC Chris Tootell Service Forestry Bureau Chief
DNRC Jason Hobson Private Forestry Asst Specialist
Big Creek Outdoor Center RJ  Devit Glacier Institute
Glacier Institute Jill Sigmund
Bitterroot National Forest Julie Schreck Cons Ed Coord
MT Natural Resources Youth Camp Dale Kerkvliet Plum Creek Timber Co
MT Tree Farm Program Gordy Sanders
MT Tree Farm Program Scott Hicswa Stoltze Land and Lumber
MT Wood Products Association Ellen Engstead
North  West Connectiions Melanie Parker Community Based Cons & Ed
NTL Woodland Land Owners Assoc      
Plum Creek
Private Forest Land Owners Thorn Liechty
Project Learning Tree Mike Cavey Extention Forestry
Women in Timber Barbara Buentemeier   none
Women in Timber Sheila Keller
Rocky Mountain Ecosystem Kathy Tonneson National Parks
Birch Creek Outdoor Center Jack DeGolia Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF
Birch Creek Outdoor Center Paul Clarke Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF
Potential New LCP Members      
Lewis & Clark NF USDA FS Fire Management Oficer Kings Hill Ranger District
Other Conservation Education Groups      
Bitterroot Ecological Awareness Res.
Blackfoot Challenge Tina Bernd-Cohen
Blackfoot Challenge Becky Garland Education
BLM Education Diane Friez Bureau of Land Mangement
Montana Outdoor Science School Bobbi Geise
Center For Wildlife Information  Chuck Bartlebaugh
Curriculum and Instruction Fletcher Brown U of M
Curriculum and Instruction Lisa Blank U of M
Earthlore Denny Olson
EOS -  Action Centers   U of M
EOS -  Action Centers Meagan Bayless U of M
International Wildlife Film Festival    Suite 2
Invstgte & Eval Envt Issues & Actions Shawnda Zindler Ronan Middle School
Missoula Curriculum Consortium Chris Kuschel Misoula District #1 Admin Bldg
Missoula 4-H
MT Environmental Ed Assoc (MEEA) Steve Eshbaugh
MT 4-H Program Elizabeth McCoy MSU
MT Natural History Center (MNHC) Anita Maxwell Post Headquarters Bldg T-2
MT Science Institute (MSI) Gil Alexander Water Monitoring etc
MT Science Teachers Assoc (MSTA) John Miller
MT Watercourse - Project Wet MT Rab Cummings MSU
The Watercourse John Etgen MSU
National Bison Range Pat Jamieson US Fish & Wildlife Service
Project Wild Kurt Cunningham Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks
Teller Wildlife Refuge Amy Monteith