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Best Management Practices

Managing and protecting natural resources

Throughout Montana, forest lands act as collectors of pure water. Protecting this source of pure water is the responsibility of both forest landowners and loggers.

Best Management Practices (BMPs) are guidelines used to direct forest activities and protect water quality. These guidelines are practical actions that landowners, forest managers and loggers can take to limit non-point pollution of water resources. The implementation and effectiveness of these BMPs are evaluated every two years by interdisciplinary BMP audit teams. A copy of this Biennial BMP audit report is available from the MLA or the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.

Best Management Practices literature

Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
2705 Spurgin Road
Missoula, Montana 59801
(406) 542-4300

Extension Publications
Ask for Publication No. EB0096 (July 1991)
MSU Extension Forestry
UM School of Forestry
32 Campus Drive
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