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More power to you

If logging is essential to your livelihood, join others like yourself who have become members of the Montana Logging Association. Our programs can be of great benefit - for your business, your employees, and your future. We support your interests and serve as a powerful voice, acting on your behalf on issues that impact the logging industry. Your membership will make us even stronger.

Two categories of membership

There are two main categories of membership in the MLA: Voting and Non-Voting. The Voting membership is for independent logging contractors whose principal residence or place of business is within the state of Montana. Independent logging contractors are defined as self-employed individuals or independent firms engaged in the harvesting and transportation of forest products.

Non-voting membership (Associates) is for individuals and firms who do not qualify for regular membership but are employed in, provide supplies and services to, or purchase logs or services from independent logging contractors.

Regular Voting Membership

Associate Non-Voting Membership