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Loggers as stewards of the forest

Throughout folklore and history, the woodcutter has long been portrayed as the "steward of the forest". Today, the logger still plays a key role in forest stewardship. The Accredited Logging Professional program was created to help revitalize this stewardship ethic, and also foster the professional growth and empowerment of loggers through education.

Accredited Logging Professionals are individuals engaged in Montana's logging industry who have demonstrated, through the completion of an educational curriculum, commitment towards professional standards that distinguish them from their peers. The Accredited Logging Professional program is a voluntary educational program. It is not a logger certification program.

Loggers who enter this program strive to understand the importance of their actions before, during and after timber harvesting activities. They complete a comprehensive regimen of education, practice and application that will help them improve their services to the public. They have also committed themselves to an aggressive continuing education schedule to further improve their knowledge of forests and logging. These loggers have agreed to abide by a Code of Ethics which was established by Montana's Accredited Logging Professional Charter.

Elements of Accreditation: Retention of Accredited Status
  1. Successful completion of the Montana Forest Stewardship Workshop for loggers
  2. Develop a work safety Loss Control Manual. (Safety Services)
  3. Participate in a Demonstration Field Audit (BMP's and SMZ's)
  4. Comply with Insurance and Workers Compensation requirements. (Member Benefits)


Each year after initial accreditation, ALP loggers must complete a minimum of 32 hours of approved continuing education in the fields of Forest Stewardship, Safety, and Operational Sustainability.

Workshop Schedules