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Montana's Accredited Logging Professional Charter


Since our inception in 1976, the Montana Logging Association has promoted responsible harvesting practices, regulatory compliance, civic and legislative involvement, and a commitment to professionalism. Our influŽence is acknowledged within labor-related policies, transportation issues, insurance programs, best management practices, streamside management laws and forest stewardship.

It is essential for professional loggers to distinguish themselves amongst their peers by pursuing standards of performance that exceed minimum levels of compliance.

Mission Statement

Montana's Accredited Logging Professional (ALP) program seeks to develop a timber harvesting curriculum related to forest stewardship and sustainability, ethical and regulatory compliance, and operational efficiencies.

Montana ALPGoals


The ALP program advocates the voluntary pursuit of educational empowerŽment and professional distinction. It does not presuppose the superiority of loggers who participate or the inferiority of loggers who do not. ALP status should be recognized as a personal commitment worthy of public and professional acknowledgment.