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A strong voice in the woods

Founded in 1976, the Montana Logging Association (MLA) is a non-profit organization that serves and represents Montanans who work in our state's logging industry. There are a lot of us. We now have nearly 600 members who are engaged in the business of harvesting and transporting timber from forest to mill in Montana.

We provide numerous programs and services that benefit our members, such as group health insurance and workers' compensation plans. We also work to advance professional standards for our members by offering an Accredited Logging Professional program, Professional Log Hauler program and Safety Services program.

A core part of our mission is providing a strong, cohesive voice for our members. We represent their interests during state legislative sessions and make sure they are heard by Montana's congressional delegation in Washington D.C. In addition, we carry the message of our members and our organization to the people of our state, through all media outlets.