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Board of Directors

MLA Board of Directors

The governing body of the Montana Logging Association is the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors supervises, controls and directs the affairs of the Association and its committees and publications. The Board also determines MLA policies, pursues its objectives, and supervises the disbursement of its funds. The Board may adopt rules and regulations for the conduct of its business and may delegate its authority and responsibility to the Executive Committee.

The Board of Directors consists of the Executive Committee and three regular members from each chapter of the Association. Also, past Presidents of the Association are designated as "at-large" members of the Board of Directors.

2016-2017 Chapter Directors

Clark Fork Chapter

  • Kevin Donally, Superior
  • Gary Bailey, Superior
  • Jared Fitchett, Plains

Deer Lodge Chapter

  • Roy Lorengo, Anaconda
  • Karl Kanduch, Philipsburg
  • Kevin Kanduch, Philipsburg

Flathead Chapter

  • James Stupack, Kalispell
  • Jim Mathiason, Somers
  • Doug Yeager, West Glacier

Gallatin Park Chapter

  • Brad Osler, Bozeman
  • Tyler Myrstol, Clyde Park
  • Clint Schwalm, Bozeman

Helena Chapter

  • Doug Mote, Helena
  • Shawn Nicholls, Judith Gap
  • Patrick Heffernan, Martin City

Kottenai Chapter

  • Tom Vranizan, Troy
  • Wayne Finch, Eureka
  • Jerry Okonski, Libby
  • Kirk Doble, Fortine

Missoula Chapter

  • Rich Blaney, Polson
  • Bruce Johnson, Missoula
  • Russ Reed, Florence